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    Antonina Hines


    The music is within me . . . I feel it journeying through me. I am the music and it is me.

    My Momentum project, “Out of the Shadows and Into the Light”, invites me to set my friend Suzanne Morrow’s beautiful poetry to music. She writes of hope, connection, and compassion, while deeply grounded in Spirit and the natural world. Inspired by the great masters Rumi, Hafiz and Kabir, Suzanne weaves wonder, musings, questions and powerful declarations of a better world. Beyond connecting my music with Suzanne’s words, I am open to my own original songs coming through as well.

    I have been singing with choirs for years. It is wonderful yet very regimented and controlled, and one must sing this note at this time for this duration at this pitch in this style. What we create together is beautiful, yet I am not being creative. I am communicating someone else’s creativity - the composer, arranger or conductor - yet I’m not experiencing my own creative self-expression.


    Through this process, I would like to release limiting beliefs and be courageous, committed, and focused - feel the fear and do it anyway. I seek to create textures, colors and feelings through melodies & rhythms. I desire to cultivate deeper connection with Spirit and creativity in a pure and uncluttered way, and to authentically claim myself as a musician! Specifically, I want to create a body of music from which I can select 6 songs to record professionally, and, pull together a band for the final showing in March 2018.

    In 2001 I released an eclectic CD of mostly original songs and I am very proud of this accomplishment. Since then I have created a half dozen short “songlets”: chants and rounds. I know there is more music in me yearning to be expressed. My creative self-expression feels stagnant, overshadowed by a full life, work, and false beliefs about my creativity. I am allowing spaciousness and opening up to the music coming through me. My creative process unfolds in new and satisfying ways, my connection with inspiration deepens, and I’m being guided to create a whole lotta music!