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    Beverly Molina



    "Brave and Awake"  The intent of my Momentum project is to offer a weekly blog called “Brave and Awake” which explores life, consciousness, purpose, inspired self expression, personal transformation, self realization, empowerment, and being brave. Part of my project also involves working on the finishing touches and publishing of my first book, also called Brave and Awake.


    Being brave and awake is my personal intent and mission--an orientation to which I strive to follow, like a sailor guided by the stars on an unknown adventure, as I make my way through life. Sometimes I am right on course. Sometimes I find that I am lost. No matter. I turn my attention inward and courageously begin again.


    Brave and Awake is an invitation and an offering. It is an offering of some truths learned through my own personal experiences. Most importantly, it is an invitation to explore and discover who you really are in this amazing and varied human experience. It is an invitation to meet your authentic self and embrace your deepest desires of the heart.


    When she is not fighting fires, climbing one hundred foot aerial ladders, and cutting ventilation holes in roofs with a chainsaw, you can find Beverly looking for rainbows, perfecting her prose, running trails, musing in her garden, and dancing with abandon. Her experiences in the world of firefighting and ecstatic dance have been a source of transformation for her; and she is an active proponent of inspiring and empowering others to reach their dreams.