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    Brie Jongewaard

    Designer/Textile Artist

    The crazy quilt of my life is a combination of all the bits and pieces woven and stitched together to create the colorful and textured whole. In my stories I refer to my words as written mosaics and tapestries. On this journey I’m moving from the hard surfaced iridescent glass, glazed ceramics, and roughly textured grout of my mosaic art to the more vulnerable, sensual, and pliable qualities of fabric along with the grounding memories and nature of language. I have a longer history with cotton/wool/silk/rayon materials and carefully chosen sentences and paragraphs and the comfort and challenge they each present.

    So in this, my 78th year, I’m both allowing and encouraging myself to commit to designing and creating the pieces of clothing that have been, until now, a series of fanciful ideas and desires. Blending a stash of fabric and handwork chosen and treasured for decades and recently acquired yardage I’m fabricating comfortable, whimsical, and colorful garments. Each outfit will represent a place I’ve been during my life’s journey and a remembrance the material and style evokes of that particular destination.

    Latitude with Attitude

    Geographically Desirable Clothing for the Seasoned Woman