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    Charity Dasenbrock



    I arrived at our first Playshop with a mostly done book manuscript. With guidance and support from our Momentum coaches and participants, the book is due to be published right around the time our year ends! I started the year with a brand new web site already in place and had already been blogging for 5 years. Inspired by Momentum, I have gotten bolder and much more confident in my writing.


    I also came in with the commitment to be open to new ideas and ways of thinking, new ways of seeing myself in the world, and a willingness to explore. Our monthly Playshops challenged me again and again to step/jump/dance out of my box. I also learned a lot about standing strong when something was too much.  There were some levels of discomfort that needed my compassion and tending. When this occurred I felt seen and supported. That was huge!


    I have learned that creativity is nurtured and allowed to burst forth, not in a vacuum, but from a place of support, community, and yes, some pushing and pulling! Some deep places in me were healed and I now allow that creativity to flow and go where it will.


    From my knowledge of the previous Momentum year, I knew that anything could happen! As the year passed and my book project was well under way, I got excited about learning how to make simple videos and lo and behold! another project appeared. My work is not only about cooking but body positivity, supporting people to love their bodies so Body Positivity, A - Z was born.  I made videos of me discussing an aspect of body positivity and love for each letter of the alphabet. You can find these on http://vimeo.com/charitydasenbrock.  I plan to continue this project, improving my early beginner videos and deciding what to do with them next.


    After this year’s work, I know that I am an Artist and a Writer. I can be proud and humble about my work. I have renewed passion and commitment to be out in the world, raising my voice. Momentum helped me clarify my mission and my vision.  My work is to  support people in healing their relationship with food and eating. Importantly, I learned much about listening and how to support people in their own work. The year is ending and a new path is unfolding for me. It feels like a new beginning. I am excited and ever so grateful. I’m grateful for all I’ve learned and received. I give thanks to my Momentees, to Daniel and Todd, and to the Ancient Ones for supporting me and helping me move forward in my life. I have good work to do.


    Cooking and eating unites us all. Our kitchens and our dining tables can be places of joy and healing. Come, sit at my table, have some soup, and let me tell you a story…