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    Momentum Community Weekends

    Are you interested in unleashing your creativity through the power of community support?

    Are you interested in learning tools for building power and integrity into your creative process?

    Would you like to reconnect or form new connections with the Momentum Community?

    During this weekend you'll have the opportunity to:

        •    Increase personal power to take action towards your creative expression

        •    Learn/practice/remember: tools to support your fuller expression

        •    Connect with like-minded creatives

        •    Get the support you need to move your creative ideas and projects forward

        •    Do creative work or get feedback (if you choose)

        •    Clarify your creative purpose/mission/vision

        •    Deepen your inner and outer listening skills

        •    Be seen and appreciated as you are

        •    Recognize and address core needs

        •    Shed limiting beliefs (about you and your creativity)

        •    Gain experience and traction in getting unstuck

        •    Access new frames for understanding and appreciating oneself (in the creative process)

    We don't have any Momentum Community Weekends currently scheduled, but be sure to get on our mailing list to hear about upcoming Weekends and other Events!