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    Each year a new group of creative beings embarks on a collective journey of support, engagement, and fuller self-expression.  We start by clarifying an artistic goal that calls you forward.  Then it’s time to take a leap!  Through the power of dedication, community support, mentorship and accountability,  you will move toward your goal with power and momentum. Imagine celebrating together the completion of your artistic project and the confidence and satisfaction you will feel at the end of this journey!

    We are all artists, and have experienced the benefits of unleashing our creativity and letting it run wild! Too often it is easy to let our linear life, the one with all things we're supposed to be doing, get in the way of allowing a deep dive into the poet, musician, muse, potter, photographer, writer or dancer in us that needs to express itself.  Are you interested in discovering if you are meant to participate in the next Momentum Journey?

    • Would you enjoy being part of a community of dedicated artists?
    • Is the creative being inside you feeling neglected and wanting to come out and play more?
    • Is there some incomplete project from your past that's leaking away your power, self-esteem, or thwarting forward momentum in your creative life?
    • If you weren't afraid of failing, being judged, or wasting time or money, what would you be creating?
    • Are you having doubts while reading this that this could ever be you?  Is this the right time for this?  If not now then when?

    Transformational Growth

    Do you have a project in mind, but don't know how you will actually be able to achieve it?  One thing we've discovered through our experience as facilitators is that we tend to get inspired by a project (connect deeply to an idea or intent that is emerging through us) and then as we move to take action towards this intent, monkey mind races in with old fears, limiting beliefs, or just plain distractions and we disconnect from our inspiration.  Without structure to support you and inspiration to pull you, the action necessary to achieve your vision takes willpower.  From here we end up leaking all kinds of energy as we try to push our way through whatever is blocking our way.
    Momentum provides structure to support you, a community to hold you with love and compassion when you get stuck, and mentorship to help you to see the places (blind spots) where you typically get off track.  As we examine and reframe your habits and beliefs, you will be able to stay connected to and be inspired by your original heartfelt intent.  Once you start getting results with less effort, momentum will build as old limiting beliefs fall away. We will focus on growing you as a person to grow your results by releasing energy blocks and channeling your energy in ways that empower and inspire you!

    Here is what we offer as a support structure for your immersive experience with your creative self in community:

    • Three weekend immersion modules at Salamander Camp
    • One completion weekend with a final showing in Santa Cruz
    • One support session per month alternating between Daniel and Todd
    • Monthly group video conference call
    • Weekly meeting with a progress partner (partners change monthly and are fellow artists)
    • Personal Artist Page on Momentum Community website
    • Personal Artist Profile Video
    • Weekly feedback and support from facilitators and other participants in our Facebook Group
    • Momentum binder to add stucture, support, inspiration, and accountability to your journey​      
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