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    As a Creative Life Coach, Todd Phillips has been working in the field of coaching, mentoring, facilitation, compassionate communication, and creative expression for more than 17 years.  He received his initial ontological coaching certification from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in 2002, where he has since returned and taught as an expert in his field.


    Todd is a huge proponent of self-expression and human development through play! He has been learning, teaching, and performing improv with Um…Gee…Um since 1997, making up skits, musicals, and stories on the spot. He has been the Musical Director for many years, and has also functioned as Artistic Director. He is also a member of a newer troup call the Somaddics.  What Todd loves about improv is that it requires us to walk boldly into the unknown and be fully present in the moment of discovery while taking risks, listening, cooperating, and letting go of survival strategies.  This is fundamental to Todd’s philosophy of what it takes to live an exceptional life as the magnificent beings that we already are. 


    Todd teaches classes and workshops in Restorative Practices, Compassionate Communication, Improvising with your Survival Mechanism, Healing through Movement, Full-bodied Living, and a form of body based improvisation he calls the Tao of Play


    Read more about Todd here:


    An accomplished multi-media artist, Daniel committed to the biggest creative undertaking of his life in January of 2012. Calling it Project 52, he created a dance-based video every week for the entire year...52 films in 52 weeks!


    That year changed his life. It was so transformative, in fact, that he became highly motivated to create a similar experience for others. He became very engaged with the following question:


    "What happens when we devote ourselves to our biggest creative passion and say 'yes' to something we may have been putting off for years? "


    He consulted with Todd Phillips, his coach during Project 52, and together they decided to use his year-long devotional art project as the inspiration (and as a template of sorts) for Momentum.


    Not only does his direct, personal experience as a devoted artist inform his leadership, but Daniel also has an extensive background as an educator and counselor.  He received a Masters in Education in 2009 from UCSC and has taught classes and workshops for decades in many fields and disciplines. He also is a trained counselor with many years of experience supporting both individuals and groups in their journeys of personal discovery and healing. Daniel is a dedicated community leader living in Santa Cruz, California and you can learn more about him here: