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    Jessica Wheeler

    Jewelry Artist‚Äč


    "Wear Your Prayers" is a personal journey taken to delve into creativity and personal growth through  jewelry fabrication. My intent is to create pieces that flow, sing out & have resonance for many. Currently re-purposed materials & photography fuels my process. My vision is to develop pieces that will be invocations for the wearer.


    Life in transition for me means redefining who I am and going deeper. I have chosen to reach out to a beautiful creative community and deep into myself to explore and grow! This community called "Momentum " is a group of 13 other artists & two coaches who act in support as a team for each of our individual paths. As a wildlife ecologist I love the peace and inspiration that nature brings. This is represented in my jewelry. Sharing my creations allows reciprocity both for a reflection of & for myself and back to & from the community.