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    Jillian Rose Haun

    The Beauty Project

    This year I am exploring perceptions of “beauty”. What is beauty? What is beauty to me? What is beauty to you? What is beauty to the individual and us as a collective? This year I am using these questions to inspire my own growth and understanding of my Self, others, and the Universe. This year I am embodying being an artist by bringing out the natural beauty of the humans around me through The Beauty Project.

    The Beauty Project was born out of my own dissatisfaction with the common societal one-dimensional view of beauty. As my career is fully involved with the beauty industry doing hair, I often find myself frustrated with the way many people view themselves because I often find myself frustrated with how I view myself.

    My intention with this project is to invite you to explore your own perceptions of beauty, to celebrate them, look at how they have evolved or changed for you over time, face them head on, question them, express them, and/or maybe even shift them. The Beauty Project is curious about who you are, your story of how you have gotten where you are with your beliefs surrounding beauty and your Self.

    My intention is to use your raw, vulnerable beauty to create and artfully express and explore what beauty is. I am using your beauty to create beauty. As I allow this project to take shape, I am intending to open my heart up to new outlooks and ideas of the way others look at themselves, their peers, and our world. Through The Beauty Project I am fulfilling a vision I have had for many years as I am step into my Self as a divine sorcerer of light.