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    Jim Turner

    Jewelry Artist/Metalworker


    "52 Jewels"   52 experimental pieces of cast metal jewelry in 52 weeks; inspired by the forms and textures of nature; made with recycled materials.


    I've made metal wire jewelry for myself since I was a kid. I've wanted to learn how to make cast metal works of art for decades. Casting metal objects well requires many skills, including design, carving, mold making, handling molten metal, etc. I plan to develop those skills by making 52 good pieces (and who knows how many not-so-good ones) in 52 weeks.


    My inspiration comes mostly from the forms and textures of nature, especially of marine plants and animals. My process is experimental and evolutionary. I will mostly use recycled materials that are durable and non-toxic. I will begin by carving molds from cuttlefish bones and casting pewter into them and will eventually try other materials and techniques.