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    Karen Isaacson

    Ocean Empowerment Artist

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    "Home at Last" - a Boat Dedicated to Healing and Empowerment


    I am in the process of manifesting a boat dedicated to sacred ocean healing and empowerment. This boat will partner with me in fulfilling my personal mission statement.

    Personal Mission Statement:

    I am a life-generator! I am passionate about empowering myself and others to make our unique contributions to the world.

    I do this through intentional, heart-led interactions characterized by respect, empathy, authenticity, compassion and courage. Creative activities and art projects are also vehicles I use to generate life.

    What my sacred healing boat means to me:

    Both my own personal experience and the latest research have given me a deep-seated conviction that the ocean possesses powerful energy that can heal and empower. I regularly experience this phenomenon in my own life, in which I find that transformational changes in my psyche and my body are accelerated by the presence of the ocean. Being on or around water heightens my feelings of joy, awe, serenity, belonging, and renewed perspective, and all of these states of being are conducive to healing and empowerment. In short, my contact with the ocean calls forth my highest self and stirs up my creative contributions to the world.

    I am unspeakably grateful for the blessing of living near the ocean, where I have frequent contact with this potent, life-giving energy. Now I want to pass it on! My heart thrills at the thought of helping to make this life-generating resource of ocean healing and empowerment available to others. To that end, I have begun the process of calling in a motorized seagoing vessel that will partner with me in this sacred work.


    My vision for my Healing Boat:

    My vision is to do simple ocean day-trips near Santa Cruz (and perhaps abroad someday), during which we will utilize various self-healing practices and incorporate ocean healing and empowerment ceremonies. The goal is to generate fresh, healing energy that empowers all who participate!