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    Lara Birchler

    Mixed Media Artist


    As a multi-media artist, I joined Momentum imagining I’d explore all over the map of materials and subject matters, photograph my work each week, then put a year’s worth of images together to finally present a digital patchwork called The Caddisfly Quilt. Early-on in our year, however, I fell into an unexpected crevasse.   

    Someone I deeply love made a negative comment about my vulva which shocked and hurt me.  Desperate to recover a healthy body image, I dove into research.  I started looking at photo-collections of vulvas, and was blown away by natural diversity!  Yonis come in ALL SHAPES, SIZES, and COLORS.  I have to admit that at first, unlike the sexual organs of plants, I found human flowers difficult to look at.  I knew, however, that my shame was caused by the limiting lenses of socialization; and I was determined to see Beauty.
    Following instinct, I began translating raw photos into drawings.  A curious gaze and the innocent line of a pencil soon led me down the path of Awe.  Creative process opened doors, Nature’s shapes and textures invited my fascination, and I was soon in a vital groove.  Through a body of artwork, healing happened, and CELEBRATION!  The YoniBeauty project was called forth to spread a Lovely truth; each vulva is a wildly unique, exquisite, sacred flower!  

    I am so grateful for Momentum!  This program and community of artists has truly been fertile ground for my transformation into a more empowered maker of art and change.  !Viva la Vulva!

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