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    Leslie Benson

    Sculptural Artist‚Äč


    "Veluna Paper Arts"   is an ongoing body of sculptural artwork. It speaks of sacred geometry, nature, balance, polarity, and other archetypal themes; it is my deep wish to share these delicate creations with others.


    The Core of my Artistic Process:

    When I am creating artwork, magical things happen to my psyche. When I relinquish my attachment to expected outcome, approach things with the child-like curiosity of a beginner’s mind, and simply listen to what is in front of me, the Universe whispers the sweetest things in my ears. Dots connect, stars align, threads are woven together. I begin to feel and to experience that intuitive knowing... that everything is connected.



    My work utilizes weaving as a symbolic gesture of creation, and interconnectedness. Often in my experience life appears disconnected & fragmented- a multitude of things all random and chaotic... and then there are these these beautiful moments of synchronistic clarity, when I see another perspective: the natural state of all things is one of connection- and ultimately, love. Veluna, roughly translated from Latin, means “from one;” reflecting my belief that while appearing to be separate, everything originates from one Source. I often experience this when I am creating... it is my happy place, one where I feel playful and alive, and I want to share that feeling, that place of love and connection with others.


    Getting Technical:

    I create sculptural artwork from paper and paper-like materials. My process basically involves cutting a 2-dimensional material into slender strips at specific angles, leaving a “spine” or “base” intact. From there I weave and layer into a multitude of anamorphic, curvy, organic shapes. Most pieces exist from just one continuous sheet of paper. I developed all the techniques myself through many hours of experimentation, and following my curiosity.


    Veluna Art: The Interconnectedness of All Things by Leslie Benson.