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    Mark Schneider


    I had forgotten that I had artistic impulses. I had forgotten that the world once seemed enchanted, everywhere I looked. I had forgotten that I had a powerful imagination that created cities in a sand box and without effort placed me smack in the middle of high stakes spy adventures in my San Fernando Valley apartment complex.

    I am a work in progress. Currently, I am in the middle of a one year commitment to tend to the artist within, as one might attend to a fire. I’ll do some poking and prodding, a little rearranging here and there, and see what embers there are that might ignite. As of May, less than two months into the project, I can feel some heat, see some embers beginning to glow.

    Awe and gratitude inform my moment through the world, and my work as an artist. Existence…it’s a big f’ing deal. Existence, intelligence, consciousness, and a capacity for wonder, gratitude and awe…they are all precious gifts. My work as an artist is to draw attention to and celebrate the miracle of existence.

    My hope and desire that I will be to enrich the lives of others through my artistic expression, hopefully providing insights, humor, honesty, vulnerability in the pieces I produce.

    At the moment, I am focusing on writing projects for my artistic expression, and have 10-15 short pieces (1-5 pages) that are at various stages of completion. My intention is to complete these works to a “sharable” form, and share them, and submit a number of them to journals or conferences where they would be appropriate submissions. I am also tracking other artistic interests I have had, such as drawing, dancing, drumming, and cooking, and may put time and attention into those endeavors as well.