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    Michele Robbins



    "Wild Beauties"  Writings on my unexpectedly harrowing and amazing adventures in raising autistic twins.


    In 2001, I gave birth to premature identical twins weighing not quite 3 pounds each. As a family deeply committed to home birth and attachment parenting, our 6 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit were heartbreaking and traumatic for all of us. Coming home, we forged our own unique path of parenthood by listening deeply to our developmentally delayed and terrified babes. Often making choices outside of the box of conventional medical models, we set as our goal, first and foremost, to help our children feel safe and loved in this world.


    Receiving a diagnosis of autism at age 10 led us to the transformational SonRise Program, which strengthened and honed our efforts to support them from a foundation of unconditional celebration. Along the way, I traversed my own dramatic breakdowns and breakthroughs; encountering the limits of my own capacities, and the saving grace of loving community.


    Wild Beauties is a piercingly honest and at times hilarious exploration of the peaks and valleys of my motherhood journey. My amazingly bright, brilliant and autistic children are my Wild Beauties, as are the glistening treasures I have gleaned in my encounters with heartbreak and miracles.