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    Noelle Noli



    "The Beloved’s Apprentice: My Education in God’s Bordello"

    Part allegory and part autobiography, these are experiences and insights transmitted into me thru sexual encounters. The metaphoric bordello is the field in which my Beloved Teacher, instructs me on my personal path of devotion and reunion.


    "The Red Pill Girl Speaks: Musings and Essays"  The movie The Matrix was misleading in this one respect: we don’t just take the red pill one time. These writings are an exploration of “red pill moments” and how going to sleep is as precious as waking up. After watching the movie The Matrix numerous times I wondered how the story would be different if we were watching the heroine, Trinity’s, awakening. These essays and musings are born from that core curiosity and the hairpin turns in consciousness that resulted.


    "Tiger Reasons: A collection of poetry"  An open exploration of self, other, and puncuation.