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    Rico Saarni



    As my year with the Momentum Project draws to an end, I marvel at how my efforts to write a definitive guide to the rhythms of pi , a number which goes on and on forever, without end... just seems to go on and on forever without end!  Strangely appropriate!  And yet, the life experience I've gained through my close association with the other Momentum artists , thinkers and creators. has left me feeling utterly complete!  Going into the year, I was shy...painfully shy... about opening up to reveal these "hare-brained" schemes that I'd developed over the years with my music.  A crucial component that had been missing in my life, I soon discovered, was to have a small cadre of enthusiastic collaborators surrounding me and helping me hold my intention "up to the light" for all to see.  More specifically, here's how I've come to completion with respect to my vision.


    First of all, I do now have a vision!  This has been huge for me, as the clarity of my intent took a fair amount of "polishing" before I could set things in motion. The result of this added clarity has been a broadening of my vision into a longer range goal to complete my work entitled,  A New Theory of Rhythm.  Thanks to Momentum, I've now gained the confidence to put something into writing that I barely used to be able even to talk about!  The current book I am completing, entitled,  A Practical Guide to Rhythms of Pi,  is the vehicle which will serve as the introduction to this larger body of work, only... more practical!