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    Salvador McBenttez

    Dancer and Laser Light Designer/Artist

    I am a dancer and I am in love with the drama of movement. I have also been in love with lasers and laser shows since I was a young boy. I am currently preparing to create my own laser show, choreographing a drama between the ethereal wanderings of light and the unreserved abyss of darkness. I am learning about the technologies involved and building my own laser projectors. Lasers fall outside of my comfort zone and I continue to push beyond my limits to new heights. I am not only working toward creating something entertaining but evocative as well, leaving breadcrumbs that lead out of the deep dark wood for past, present and future selves. Time, infinity, death, and reincarnation are themes that resonate with me and I am exploring expressing them in this medium of laser light. I am creating a self-reflective journey for individuals to experience together to inspire them to share their truth with the world.