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    Shelly Errington


    Making photographs is a great pleasure. My father, a photo hobby-ist, taught me to use a film camera and gave me a Pentax SLR (single-lens reflex) when I was twenty, and he taught me to develop and print film in his darkroom, which was crammed into one of the bathrooms. In the 21st century, I have gladly embraced digital photography, and shoot in RAW and jpg with a Canon DSLR. I've had a couple of single-person shows in Mexico, and am a participatnt of  Open Studios in Santa Cruz in 2015. Photography is my current preoccupation.


    An inveterate doodler, I have made humorous line drawings since an extremely young age. Calling them "cartoons" is somewhat misleading, since they owe more to  the spirit of Thurber, Steinberg, Feiffer, and Chast than they do to either Captain Marvel or Disney. They have a sweet quality, are usually ironic but never satiric, including the new venture of food cartoons I have been pleased to publish for several years in  Gastronomica: Critical Food Studies. I'll be featuring some of these cartoons and posters at Open Studios in Santa Cruz in 2015.